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Very few of us are fortunate enough to fit the standard dress sizes available on the High Street, but we believe all brides and girls deserve a perfect fit dress. So we offers Custom Made Dresses Service at affordable prices. You'll get a better fit, exactly the design you want, and won't have to suffer the attitudes and obscene prices of a bridal boutique.

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Top 5 Rules of Choice of Short Bridesmaid Dress in Color and Design Bridesmaids play import roles in our wedding ceremony, there are plenty of choices for the bridesmaid dresses. Here are 5 top rules of how to choose suitable and beautiful short bridesmaid dresses.
Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration for Wedding Dresses of 7 Necklines We have many different types of necklines to choose in wedding gowns. If you love one type of necklines so much and you choose it for your wedding, you have to take the according suitable hairstyle into account.
10 Strapless Wedding Dresses 2016 That Show Your Collarbone If you are looking for an amazing bridal gown or dress for your unique wedding, please take it into account to show your collarbone. Here the best relevant 10 designs for you. Any bride would be inspired, especially when you have long hair.
Some Tips for You to Take Beautiful Wedding Photos Whether the wedding photos are beautiful or not is very important. Those photos will be hung in the wedding scene, or hung on the wall of the living room, which will be seen by those relatives and friends. So, taking perfect photos can be very important.
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Sparkly Beadings Over Tulle Dress

Anansi Bumbray wrote on :

Cinderella dress

The dress was absolutely perfect. It exceeded my expectations. It was everything I asked for and more. I felt like Cinderella in my costume made gown. I am so grateful and appreciative to Lunss. I mean not only did they create this beautiful dress but they didn't in half the time. Lunss is the absolute best.
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Lunss Sketch Service

Ashley Goyal wrote on :

A beautiful sketch

I love it! It's so beautiful and you did a very nice job sketching it!
There are nothing to question about it, it's exactly what I want! So you may proceed with the making of the dress!
Thank you once again!
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Black Spandex and Tulle Plunging Prom Dress

Mariah0430 wrote on :

Prom Dress

Loved My Dress
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