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Have you found your dream dress but it doesn't fit well? Have you fallen in love with a gorgeous designer gown but beyond the budget? Does your bridesmaids have variety of shapes that hardly to buy the dresses? That's why our custom design and tailor service comes in.

Why Lunss

Since 2010, Lunss has already made thounds of custom dresses for brides, bridesmaids, prom girls and formal events. We made every dress depend on our customers' request including the fabric, color, details, measurements, etc. with top fabric and strictly inspection.
STEP 1|Submit Customization

It's easier than it seems. You can combine two or more different dresses, or use one dress as basic style and modify it as you like. All the dresses from our site or other sites, even your own pictures are fully customizable.

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STEP 2|Communcation

Discuss the details with our designer.

STEP 3|Order

Security online ordering.

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How Come with a Custom Dress

It's really simple to customize a dress with Lunss

Step 1 - dream dress

Come up with a dream dress idea

Step 2 - communicate with designer

Communicate your idea with our designer

Step 3 - tailoring

Tailor your dress follow the design

Step 4 - taking pictures

Confirm each step by taking pictures

Step 5 - final review

Final review of your custom made dress

Step 6 - express delivery

Express delivery all over the world

Customization Reviews

See what our customers said

Barely Touch the Ground Navy Blue Lacy Long Dress

Dntaylor98 wrote on :


The dress is so gorgeous! I told them exactly what I wanted and that's exactly what they gave me. It amazing! It was simple and easy. I can't wait for Prom.
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Dark Pine Green Bottom Two-piece a-shape Satin Dress wrote on :

Thanks for the dress

Hi, Firstly, thank you for your good communication and understanding when it comes to defining the basics and during the process of making the dress. It was always responded in short time. Good that you had suggestions about the material of the dress as well. Thanks for the dress. It looks pretty cool. It is not my initial idea but seeing as it is it will work.

The material is too shiny as I was afraid of. The top was supposed to be mat black but it's not. And eventually the design, it was supposed to be a bottom, a skirt above the waist and the top as it is, making it all a two peaces nice dress.

I was surprised when I saw that the bottom is actually a complete dress and can be wear without the top. But as I said, eventually it looked good and I like it.

I have no comments about the colour choices. The colour is great.

Overall, I enjoyed ordering from you. It was smooth and nice, and the best choice.

You will be my choice again next time as well.

Thank you

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High Neck Flowy A-line Bridal Dress with Keyhole Back

klni wrote on :

Custom bridal gown

This dress is incredible. I admit, I was incredibly apprehensive to order a gown online, custom, for the prices they were touting, but it is incredibly well-made and fits as close to a glove as possible. (Even my local tailor heavily complemented the construction of the toile and the gown and lace work).

I'll need to make a few changes locally, including adding a snap to hold the zipper up on the gown, and to change the top closure to something that won't come undone as easily.

There was a small snag in the gown when I received it, with a string holding a bit of it up, but a local tailor was able to easily pop the string and restore the shape of the dress. Lunss throughout the process was incredibly accommodating and offered to have the gown shipped back to them and fixed. (they were moving during the time of my order, so they were unable to take a photo of the gown before shipping it out.) They were also generous enough to send me extra tulle and lace at my request, in case it was needed.

If you have the time, and have a more intricate gown, I would highly recommend ordering a toile to check size and shape of the gown before they begin work on the dress, especially if you have a harder-to-fit body like myself.

I would aboslutely recommend Lunss to anyone.
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