Top 5 Rules of Choice of Short Bridesmaid Dress in Color and Design

Bridesmaids play import roles in our wedding ceremony. They are your witness, accompany and helper. Besides that if there is one girl who cries happily together with the bride, that girl will be the bridesmaid, who makes your happiness touchingly richer. Therefore the bridesmaid dress is considered the second important dress during the wedding. 

Like the bride dresses there are plenty of choices for the bridesmaid dresses. Here are 5 top rules to inspire your choice of short bridesmaid dresses.

Rule 1, The Same Color and Design

This is the most economical and hottest choice for the bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid Dress Short Same Color Same Design Champagne Purple Blush Red Gray
Bridesmaid Dress Short Same Color Same Design Black White

Rule 2, The Same Color but Different Designs

This is a livelier and more appropriate choice for different bridesmaid figures than rule 1 and of course it costs more. 

Bridesmaid Dress Short Same Color Different Design Red
Short Bridesmaid Dress of the Same Color But Different Design

Rule 3, The Same Design but Different Colors

The wedding can be held in more imagination and a happy atmosphere because of the bridesmaid dresses in different colors.

Bridesmaid Dress Short Different Color Same Design Fruit
Bridesmaid Dress Short Different Color Same Design Blue

Rule 4, The Different Designs and Different Colors

The most difficult way will create the most vibrant look among the 4 rules. The following stunning shades are sassy and it is worthwhile to try.

Bridesmaid Dress Short Different Color Different Design Green

Rule 5 The Floral Short Dresses

The last but not the least is the floral short bridesmaid dress. This sweetly beautiful style will never fail you.

Bridesmaid Dress Short Floral

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