Some Tips for You to Take Beautiful Wedding Photos

Whether the wedding photos are beautiful or not is very important. Those photos will be hung in the wedding scene, or hung on the wall of the living room, which will be seen by those relatives and friends. So, taking perfect photos can be very important, the whole scene should be just like what you imagined. Then followings are some tips for you to take beautiful wedding photos.

  1. Keep away your back from the chair: please leave the chair back when you are taking the wedding photos, or the whole person's aura will be "collapse" down, please keep your back straight, and only in this way can show your waist curve.
  2. The arms can be thin relying on geometric modeling: not everyone is suitable for those postures in those fashion magazines, to let your arms be significantly thin, the best way is using the light and shadow, your arms can be thinner with those geometric modeling.
    Winter Wedding Photo
  3. Slimming effect can be seen from the waist: when you are taking photos from the positive side, you must stand naturally or you can keep your knee be overlapped, which can make it easier to show your curve. And you should lift your hip at any time.
    Wedding Under Attack
  4. You can show your back to enhance the sexy characteristic: you could note that your back should be straight, and you can lift your hip to show a better curve. Because of that when you upward your waist, your legs and hips curve will come out naturally. And the expression will be better.
    Night Wedding Photo
  5. Try to be confident to show your clavicle: clavicle is the sexiest place in a woman’s body. And there are many strapless designed wedding dresses, so when you are taking the wedding photos, you can lean your shoulder forward, and show the clavicle with full confidence, which will make you be sexier.
  6. You can use blow molding and dynamic style to create a better effect: the role of the blower is not only to let the wedding photo be more romantic, but it can also make the picture full of dynamic charm, but please try to keep the blink and beautiful smile when the wind is blowing to your face.
    Kiss in the City Street Wedding Photo
  7. To make the face look thinner: remember that the gentle smile is the law to be beautiful, but do not reveal too much white in your eyes. Lift the chin to create a queen like temperaments, and you can make an adorable pouty expression to make you become a sweet princess. Then you can also lift your head slightly, so the nose will look smaller.
  8. When the photos are focusing on your facial features, you can use props and show the side of your face: for those brides who have fat faces, when they shoot a close-up photo, they can show the side of the face, and their mouth can be slightly open, which can make the face be thinner. Please use your hands to support the head to hide your fat cheeks, or you can hold flowers, or other beautiful props, which can be used held on the side of the cheek to highlight your gentle temperaments.
  9. Try dim veil: the veil can not only make you more feminine, it can also make the photo be full of mystery, which is a unique idea in the wedding photos, so absolutely we should not miss it.
    Beach Wedding Photo
  10. Available tips when you are taking photos with your husband: running action can be a good choice, and you can choose a long veil to make the scene more beautiful. In order to be thinner, the new couple can choose some postures like embracing posture and standing face to face posture. They can practice this pose in front of the mirror before taking the wedding photos.
  11. You can upward your head slightly, and then the nose will look smaller. And the position of the nose can be slightly higher than the camera position, which can make the face look more beautiful, and it can also reduce the shadow of the lower part of the eye.
    Candlelit Wedding Photo
  12. You can stand straight naturally, with an upright posture. Then your long legs, the curve lines of your hips will naturally come out, and your facial expression can also be brim over with health and spirits.
  13.  You can slightly forward your body, so that the face will be more stereoscopic, and the whole face area will be relatively delicate.
  14. You can look the camera position with a 45 degrees angle, which can make your face be smaller than it should be. And the line of your face can be more beautiful.
  15. If you really don’t know the best position for you to take photos, you can ask the man who are responsible to take photos for you to shoot more photos for you with all angles, you will finally find one beautiful photo among all these pictures.
  16. If someone asked you to take photos with you in the wedding ceremony, then you can stay in the position behind as far as possible, so the face will seem smaller, though this action may make others' face be larger.

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