How to Customize a Dress with Lunss

It's easier than it seems to customize you own dress with Lunss. Please follow the steps listed below.

Certainly, you need to log in before starting. Log In

Join LunssPrime Membership

LunssPrime is a senior membership system, which is only open to our customers who are in need of dress customization. This only costs $1.99 USD now!

The privileges to become LunssPrime:

  • - Unlimited custom-made inquiry.
  • - One-to-one designer service.
  • - Lifetime membership.
  • - Get 40 reward points(equal to $1.99, which can be fully redeemed on your next order).

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Credit Card via PayPal

Add Materials to Your Design Room

Design room is the place where you'll add all the design materials(images) for your dress, such as the orinal design, fabrics, colors and anything you have before submitting your design.

Where can I find my design room?

Click the button on the topbar in every page then click the "my design room" button.

Where can I find the U icons?

You can add any materials by clicking the icon accross Lunss or upload your images from your PC/Phone in the design room page. If necessary, you can tag for the various materials in your design room so as to refer to them better in the next step of description.

add material
upload material

Design & Submit

Owing to the considerate design of Lunss team, users can fill in and submit all the information in just one starting page.

Fill out the box in "Step 2 Section" with your design details after preparing the materials. (If you prefer to keep the original design, then you could skip this step)

A tip of Login or Join LunssPrime may appear to prevent you from moving on to the next step as users are allowed to add design materials without login or joining LunssPrime membership according to the design flow of Lunss. At this moment, you could log in or join the LunssPrime membership to continue without having the risk on the loss of previously added materials.

After filling out several required information, please submit your design by clicking the button of "submit". A few seconds later, you will be lead to the exclusive design page for an overall review, then you could close thee page and wait for our notification, or leave a message for more details at anytime.

design details
design information
join LunssPrime

Placing Order

You still couldn’t place order after submitting your design as you haven’t got the quotation from Lunss. After being reviewed by Lunss, you will get the quotation at due time on a case-by-case basis. As for in-depth customization, our designer will have a talk with you in the message section on the design/customization page. At last, you can add your design/customization to your shopping cart to checkout after getting quoted.

leave message

Confirmation & Shipping

Lunss will provide specific production and shipment date for every single design/customization. With each order completed, we will take pictures and upload them to the relevant design pages for your confirmation and after that we will ship it out. (For the urgent orders with limited timeframe, this step may be skipped over. For more details, please refer to the Shipping Policy.)

Receive & Review

You are highly recommended to write a review after getting the goods so that you can get rewarded. (For more details, please refer to the Shopping Rewards)