10 Strapless Wedding Dresses 2016 That Show Your Collarbone

Girls are always hesitating when choosing their bridal gowns and dresses. They want to be sexy as well as elegant for the most important moment in their life. If you are looking for an amazing bridal gown or dress for your unique wedding and if you are in the same situation, please take it into account to show your collarbone. Here is a collection of the best relevant 10 design for you. Any bride would be inspired, especially when you have long hair.

1. The lace corresponds with the bodice to make the gown harmonized and graceful.

Lace Correspond Harmonized and Graceful Wedding Gown

2. It is another tip of elegance to let your long hair down to conceal partially your shoulder. It is so natural and active just like the breeze in summer morning or the moonlight on the beech.

Elegant Wedding Dress Lets Your Hair Down

3. The simple but beautiful pleat is secret of the full and round bust. 

Pleat Is Secret of the Full and Round Bust

4. A simple updo hairstyle and a set of diamond accessory makes the bride adorable. 

Sophia Tolli Fall 2016 Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress

5. If you have a collarbone like her do not hide it.

Collarbone in Wedding Dress

6. A beautiful collarbone expresses natural femininity better than a necklace or a bracelet.

Beautiful Collarbone Expresses Natural Femininity

7. This lace and tulle wedding gown with Swarovski crystal belt is more suitable for the slender bride.

Lace and Tulle Wedding Gown

8-10, The following three gowns are more slimline and make your mermaid dream come true.

Slimline Wedding Dress
Mermiad Wedding Dress
More Slimline Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress

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