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Lunss is an online store which is committed to wedding and special occasion dresses design and customization. It was founded in 2010. The Lunss team was young, but full of vitality and creativity. That's why Lunss becomes a global leading brand in this area in a few years. Lunss originated a new developmental model in haute couture, and keeps enhancing the excellent online shopping experience with constant innovation and ascension.

Lunss started with a basic idea of helping the girls to get their dream dresses without middleman. Many girls can't afford expensive dream dresses in showcase, or have bad online shopping experience. The mission & vision of Lunss is to provide high-end custom-made dresses in every style and budget.

Custom Made, More Fit, Outstanding Quality, Affordable Price

Product Line

We have extensive product line in Lunss. Besides wedding dresses & special occasion dresses, we also provide abundant fabrics, accessories and wedding gifts.


We launch the most popular dress collections every season. Join our mailing list or become Lunss membership, be the first to know the fashion trends!


Fabric is the soul of a custom-made dress. We provide plenty of fabrics for your choice, and keep updating the new fabrics. You will know what we are going to use for tailoring your dress. This guarantees that it will be 100% your dream dress. You could even buy our fabrics directly.


Wedding veils, bridal hair accessories, bridal jackets.

Gift & Décors

Photo frames.


Custom Couture

Online customization is our core business. We have been well received by customers all over the world. Get us a dress image, video, or even a sketch, our designers will help you to create a unique dress. The general price range of the dress is from 150 USD to 1500 USD, which includes the cost of consulting, designing, fabrics, tailoring and shipping. Click Lunss Custom Couture Membership to know more details.


When you are not sure how your dress would look like after modification or combination of different dresses, you could apply for our free sketch service. You could also buy a sketch from us in 59 USD even you don’t need a dress from Lunss. The frame is available in Lunss also! Click here to know more about our sketch service.


We are based in Bend OR US, our factory is in China and ship to worldwide.